• BioZEG II; Innovative high efficient systems for energy production based on biogas


    ZEG Power has in the BioZEG-project (2011-2013) engineered, constructed and commissioned a 50kW ZEG– demonstration plant at the Hynor Lillestrøm hydrogen refueling station. By close thermal integration of a 30kWH2 SER (Sorption Enhanced Reforming) reactor system and a 20kWel SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) module running on biogas, a total efficiency of at least 70% will be demon­strated.

    The main objective of the present project is to establish operational knowledge of the plant performance, durability and thermal integration. The obtained results will be important optimization and commercialization of the ZEG-technology.

    Project details of BioZEG verification and optimisation

  • ZEG 400; Realisation of a 400 kW pilot based on the patented ZEG-technology

    The main objective of phase 1 (2013-2014) is to establish a detailed technical and economic basis for up scaling of the ZEG-technology in order to minimize the risks of the realisation of a 400 kW ZEG plant.

    Already completed is a third party assessment of the up scaling from 50kW to 400kW, performed by the German research institute ZSW (Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg, The concept and potential is confirmed, no clear showstoppers are identified and recommended areas for development are focused in the on-going projects and in planned work.

    The project is a joint cooperation between ZEG Power AS, IFE, and CMR Prototech. The project is supported by the national CLIMIT/Gassnova demonstration program.

    Project description; ZEG400

  • ASCENT; Advanced Solid Cycles with Efficient Novel Technologies

    ASCENT (2014-2017) is an EU 7RP joint project. The project addresses a pressing need for new concepts that can reduce the energy demand associated with CO2 capture during power generation.

    The project work is focused on pre-combustion technologies: CO2 capture using energy efficient high temperature solid-state sorbents separating CO2 during conversion of carbonaceous gases into H2.

  • BioSER; Hydrogenproduction based on biogas

    The main objective of the project work is to further develop and optimize Hydrogen production from biogas using Sorption Enhanced Reforming (SER). Key elements are the development of kinetic models for the particle systems (sorbent and catalyst) used in the process, as well as study of particle attrition and loss during continuous operation. The fluidized bed reactor system of Hynor Lillestrøm will be used in the project.

    The project has industrial participation, and is funded partly by the ENERGIX-programme of The Research Council of Norway, with the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) as project lead in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and ZEG Power as paying industrial partner.

  • Hynor Lillestrøm Innovation Centre

    The Hynor Lillestrøm installation is the only Hydrogen refuelling station in Norway that also facilitates testing and demonstration of new Norwegian technology. The ambition is to be an international centre with focus on innovation and industrial development of Hydrogen used for transportation purposes. Hynor Lillestrøm collaborates with a number of companies, institutes and educational institutions, and provision is made for utilization of the plant in national and international projects for testing and demonstration of relevant technologies. ZEG Power is responsible for the daily operation of the plant.