Styret i ZEG Power 

Jörgen Lundberg, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Jörgen Lundberg serves as Chairman of the Board in ZEG Power, in combination with his role as CFO.

Lundberg has extensive experience from commercializing technology innovations through his role as CEO of IFE Invest, ZEG Power’s major owner. Lundberg also serves as Board Member of several public and private technology companies. Lundberg has previously served 9 years as CFO at Institute for Energy Technology (IFE).

Lundberg holds a Business Administration and Finance degree from Uppsala University, Sweden.

Elizabeth Baumann Ofstad, Board Member

Ms. Ofstad has extensive experience in technology development, demonstration and implementation. Following an early career in industrial research, she has spent close to 30 years in Norsk Hydro and Statoil mainly working witinin the energy sector (O&G, new energy solutions) and in industrial process development. Presently she is acting as consultant based in Ofstad E-Tech Agenda, a registered sole proprietorship.

Ofstad has broad experience from various board engagements and has frequently been engaged as an expert within the energy technology field (governmental committees, the Norwegian Research Council).

Ofstad holds a Master degree in industrial process chemistry from the Norwegian University of Technology and science (NTNU).

Audun Abelsnes, Board Member

Mr. Abelsnes serves as Managing Director at Techstars Energy,  a global ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs to bring new technologies to market. He is also the Co Founder of Sirius Innovations, a company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs and businesses discover and develope scalable and repeatable business models.

Abelsnes is a visiting lecturer at BI within the field of New Venture Creation, and has served on the Board in various companies.

Abelsnes holds a business degree from BI, Norway.

Arve Holt, Member of the Board

Mr. Holt serves as Research Director of the Material and Prosessing sector at IFE, focusing on developing new solutions for renewable energy production, tailor made materials for batteries, energy use, and carbon capture and storage (CCS). Through his long career at IFE, he has held several leading positions, including Department Head for Solar Energy, and Section Head for Renewable Energy.

Holt also serves as Member of the Board for a number of companies and projects within the R&D area, and has been author /co-author of about 50 papers during the last 10 years.

Holt holds a Dr. Scient degree from UiO (PhD).

[Fotograf: Ann Kristin Støveren,]