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  • Vision and mission

    ZEG Power’s vision is to empower the world with clean energy.

    ZEG Power’s mission is to realize efficient and clean production of hydrogen or electricity from gas. The efficient process, with integrated CO2 separation, makes our technology an important contributor to reaching global climate targets as well as supporting social progress.

  • The ZEG® technology

    A technological “game changer” with a potential of more than 70% total efficiency including CO2 capture.

    CO2 capture is an integrated part of the technology without additional cost nor footprint.

  • Flexibility

    The technology is a modular platform technology for different sizes and applications; both fossil and bio-based gas resources can be used. The technology can be integrated in industrial processes or be used in stand-alone energy plants of increasing size and complexity. ZEG plants can be delivered as

    • ZEG-H2 plants (stand-alone hydrogen production from gas with integrated CO2 capture), 
    • ZEG-EL plants (electric power production from gas with integrated CO2 capture), or
    • ZEG-HYBRID plants (where the amount of electric power and hydrogen produced can be adapted to customer and market needs)
  • Business Model

    ZEG is a module based platform technology suited for several applications.

    In the short term, the objective is to roll out small to medium scale ZEG-plants for flexible and distributed clean hydrogen production.

    On a medium to long term, the objective is to create customer value by integrating the ZEG technology in industrial processes, or using it for stand-alone, large-scale hydrogen and/or power production and sales.

About the Technology

The ZEG-technology (ZEG®) is a technology for highly efficient production of hydrogen and/or electric power from hydrocarbon fuels, with integrated CO2-capture.