ZEG Power and CCB enters into strategic cooperation to establish cost efficient, clean hydrogen production from gas at Kollsnes

[Bergen 19 September 2019] In accordance with a mutual desire to promote cost efficient, clean and sustainable energy, ZEG Power and CCB today announced the signing of a Letter of Intent (LoI).

Photo: Morten Wanvik 

The target is to establish significant capacity for clean hydrogen production from gas at Kollsnes, enabled by ZEG Power’s innovative ZEG-H2 plants, based on an enhanced reforming technology with integrated CO2 capture.

“We are very happy to initiate this exciting project together with ZEG Power”, says CEO Øyvind A Langedal at CCB. “CCB sees clear synergies between the rollout of ZEG-H2 plants and the ongoing plan targeting to establish large-scale CO2 storage at CCB Kollsnes – the CCS-project Northern Light, he continues. “Conversion of natural gas to clean hydrogen is a significant industrial opportunity for Norway and Øygarden municipality, and is part of CCB’s long term strategy to contribute to reduced climate impact”.

“Kollsnes constitutes a strategic location for ZEG Power, and an enabler of the ZEG technology’s true potential” says Kathrine K. Ryengen, CEO of ZEG Power. “We view CCB Kollsnes as a fast-track to large scale ZEG-H2 plants, which in combination with CO2 storage will allow for large scale clean utilization of natural gas, leading to real CO2 reduction and true climate savings that are significant and relevant for Norway”, she says. “We very much look forward to continued collaboration with CCB and successful execution of our common ambitions going forward”.

About ZEG Power AS | www.zegpower.com

ZEG Power is a Norwegian clean energy company providing technology and equipment for transforming hydrocarbon gases into H2 with high efficiency and integrated CO2 capture.

About CCB AS | www.ccb.no

CCB is a Norwegian company that manages and carries out tasks that naturally result from owning various industrial base locations, including CCB Kollsnes, hereunder managing ownership interests and developing subsidiaries, performing administrative management tasks on behalf of subsidiaries, investing in companies with petroleum-related, maritime and trade and industrial activities.

Further details on the project will be released at a later point in time.

For further information, please contact:

Kathrine K Ryengen, CEO, ZEG Power

Mobile +47 994186096, kathrine.ryengen@zegpower.com

Ronny Haufe, EVP, CCB

Mobile +47 91350660, rh@ccb.no

ZEG Power is growing the team

CFO & Business Development Manager Jan-Tore Christiansen started February 1st 2019

Jan-Tore Christiansen has 10 years of experience from asset management and analysis, including Sparebank1 Markets. He has also experience from founding and managing own company within consulting and investments, and from management consulting within finance and investment analysis. Jan-Tore holds a CEMS Master from ESADE, Barcelona, Spain, and a Master in Business and Economics from Norges Handelshøyskole, Norway.

ZEG Power is looking forward to having Jan-Tore as part of the team!

ZEG Power accelerates growth 

Announces Investment from StartupLab 

Oslo, NORWAY — November 26, 2018 — ZEG Power has closed on an investment from StartupLab, an incubator focusing on building and scaling technology startups out of Norway, combining funding, support and a unique network.

«This investment is strategic to StartupLab, as it aligns with our focus on the green energy sector», says Tor Bækkelund, partner at StartupLab. «We have followed the team over a period, and we are strongly impressed by the team’s ability to execute».

Kathrine K. Ryengen, CEO of ZEG Power, responds: “This investment is of important value to ZEG Power. StartupLab is respected and well recognized and their recognition of the ZEG technology for high efficient green energy production from gas is thus highly appreciated. By this investment, ZEG Power can accelerate the growth of the team, required for further commercialization»

ZEG Power is aiming at a further capital raise short term to enable execution of key activities, including the upscaling of the technology to a first commercial 1MW hydrogen production plant with integrated CO2 capture.

Fredrik Mowill appointed Chairman of the Board of ZEG Power

Fredrik Mowill is appointed chairman of ZEG Power from October 1, 2018.

Fredrik has extensive experience in commercializing new and innovative technology through his previous role as CEO of Opra Turbines, a company that has developed and commercialized an innovative turbine technology. Fredrik was leading the company from early stage, through a challenging period of significant technological development, industrialization, product and license sales, as well as internationalization.

Fredrik also has previous experience from startup companies and management consulting (AT Kearney).

Fredrik holds an engineering degree from Cardiff University in Wales, and an MBA from RSM in the Netherlands.

Fredrik will take on an active role as chairman in ZEG Power, providing advice and guidance based on his extensive experience and network, valuable for the company’s further development.

ZEG Power is looking forward to having Fredrik as part of the team!

FC Expo Tokyo

In February 2018, ZEG Power participated at FC Expo in Tokyo, the World’s Largest Show for Hydrogen & Fuel Cell.

The purpose was to meet and further develop our relationship with customers and partners.

ZEG Power attended the exhibit as part of a joint Norwegian initiative by the Norwegian Hydrogen Forum, together with other Norwegian companies related to the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell industry, such as Nel Hydrogen, Statoil, and Yara.

New Managing Director at ZEG Power

Kathrine Kværnæs Ryengen is hired as new CEO of ZEG Power. She will begin February 1, 2018.

She comes from Norsk Titanium where she held the position of Vice President Sales Operations & Business Development. She holds a Master of Industrial Economics and Technology Management from NTNU in Norway, with mechanical engineering as technical specialization. She further holds a Master of Technology Management from UNSW in Australia.

– What motivates you?
“I enjoy working in the interface between the commercial and technical aspects of a business. I find strong motivation in contributing to commercializing a Norwegian, innovative technology.”

– What do you look forward to in the new job?
“I look forward to taking on the exciting task of further developing ZEG Power. ZEG Power represents a disruptive technology that has global potential. We must have high ambitions and define the right strategy to ensure success.”


ZEG Power at Hannover Fair 2017

The Hannover Fair is the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology and is held every year on the Hannover fairground in Hannover, Germany.

The H2FC is the Hannover Fair group exhibit for hydrogen, fuel cells and batteries and is Europe’s largest hydrogen, fuel cells and battery exhibition. This year H2FC had 160 exhibitors from 20 countries. ZEG Power attended the exhibit as part of a joint Norwegian initiative by the Norwegian Hydrogen Forum, together with NEL Hydrogen, Hystorsys, Hexagon Raufoss, CerPoTech and Greenstat.

ZEG Power has given a presentation on the “Upscale and commercialization of the technology” during the Technical Forum, a part of the exhibition.

New TechnoSER project started

ZEG Power has been awarded funding from the Research Council of Norway to carry out the first phase (April 2017-June 2018) of TechnoSER; Technical innovations for upscaling and commercialization of the Sorption-Enhanced Reforming technology. The project will bring relevant high level technical innovations for stand-alone hydrogen production with the Sorption-Enhanced Reforming (SER) technology, focused on process intensification. These technical innovations are expected to increase the overall performance of the reforming process with CO2 capture and to decrease significantly the investment and operation costs compared with conventional technology combining auto-thermal reforming, water gas shift and MDEA amine scrubbing. The brought innovations are also expected to make the SER process more competitive and attractive for potential industrial customers.

MoZEES Centre Kick-off

ZEG Power has joined MoZEES, the New Norwegian Research Centre on Mobility Zero Emission Energy Systems with focus on battery and hydrogen technology for transport applications. The kick-off meeting was held on the 20th and 21st of March at IFE facilities in Kjeller, Norway.

The main objective with MoZEES is to be a Centre for environment-friendly energy research (FME) with the goal to develop new battery and hydrogen materials, components, and technologies for existing and future transport applications on road, rail, and sea. MoZEES will consist of 7 national Research Partners, 6 international Research Partners, and more than 30 User Partners, including 20 commercial and industrial User Partners.

ZEG Power will contribute to MoZEES through its experience on hydrogen systems design and operation as well as hydrogen applications

Bio4fuels Centre Kick-off

ZEG Power has joined Bio4fuels, a Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) based at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) and lead by SINTEF. The Centre kick-off meeting was held on the 9th and 10th of February at NMBU facilities in Ås, Norway.

The Centre aims to develop innovative technology and support industries to realize economic and sustainable conversion of lignocellulosis biomass and organic residues to transportation fuels, along with added value chemicals, heat and power. Key research is to increase the efficiencies and yields of major process steps within the different value chains, as well as achieving techno-economic insights for the optimal integration within and across value chains and greater understanding of the environmental consequences of the various value chains.

ZEG power will contribute to Bio4Fuels with its experience on the use of biofuels for the co-production of hydrogen and electricity.