ZEG Power present during CLIMIT Summit 2015

The CLIMIT Summit was arranged for the fourth time at Soria Moria in Oslo from February 24.-25., 2015, and is an established meeting place for the CCS community.

ZEG Power presented their technology, results from the BioZEG plant as well as ongoing activities in ZEG400. The presentation was held by ZEG Power Managing Director Dr. Bjørg Andresen.

A poster session was also part of the conference, and ZEG Power took part in this as well. The ZEG Poster was presented by Senior Engineer Dr. Nicola Di Giulio.

Photo 24.02.15 15 38 11ZEG Power Managing Director Dr. Bjørg Andresen presenting the ZEG technology

Results from BioZEG operation presented at the Tekna CO2 conference

The first results from the recent operation of the BioZEG plant was presented at the Tekna CO2 conference in Trondheim, Norway, during January 8th-9th.

The conference gathered more than 90 participants covering a broad specter within the fields of climate policies, framework conditions as well as results from ongoing projects within capture, storage and EOR. This was the tenth time the conference was arranged for exchanging experiences and networking.

The presentation was held by ZEG Power Managing Director Dr. Bjørg Andresen.

Successful operation of BioZEG plant

In December the BioZEG plant was for the first time continuously operated for several days. The plant was gradually started up over the course of 24 hours, and delivered more than 100 kWh to the power grid during the operation period. All electricity was produced using the solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) module, which is an integrated part of the plant. The only emissions were Carbon Dioxide and water. This is a milestone for ZEG Power, and the company will in the time ahead focus on optimizing BioZEG operation and upscaling of the technology.

New employee in ZEG Power AS

Dr. Nicola Di Giulio is from November 24. employed as Senior Engineer at ZEG Power AS. He holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Roma Tre University, and a PhD in Environmental Engineering Processes at the University of Genoa, Italy. The PhD work was focused on experimental and theoretical analysis of molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) performance in innovative applications. Dr. Di Giulio has experience from international projects related to the area of carbon capture technologies, biofuels, wastewater treatments and waste-to-energy chains involving the use of high temperature fuel cells.

The BioZEG plant was presented at GHGT-12

The biannual IEA GHGT conference series has established itself as the principal international conference on greenhouse gas mitigation technologies especially on CCS (CO2 Capture and Storage). This year’s conference was held in Austin, Texas from October 6th to 10th and brought together more than 1,000 participants.

In addition to about 70 different oral sessions and more than 500 poster presentations the conference also hosted an exhibition. ZEG Power participated with a stand at the exhibition in collaboration with IFE, and was clearly visible at the conference.

The BioZEG demonstration plant was presented by ZEG Power Managing Director Dr. Bjørg Andresen through two different contributions:

Andresen et. al: BioZEG – pilotplant demonstration of high efficiency carbon negative energy production

Meyer et al .: Sustainable Hydrogen Production from Biogas Using Sorption-Enhanced Reforming

BioZEG presented at the 11th European SOFC & SOE Forum

BioZEG was presented at the 11th European SOFC & SOE Forum, taking place in Lucerne, Switzerland from July 1st-4th, 2014.

The European SOFC & SOE Forum addresses issues of science, engineering, materials, systems, applications, and markets for all types of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Solid Oxide Electrolysis technologies. The Forum is recognized as one of the leading international meetings on SOFC and SOE science and technology. The meeting aims at a fruitful dialogue between researchers, engineers and manufacturers, between hardware developers and potential users, between academia, industry and electric power and gas utilities.

An article about the BioZEG plant was presented by ZEG Power representative Dr. Ing. Arnstein Norheim.

BioZEG AS established

ZEG Power AS announced today the establishment of a spin-off company to be named BioZEG AS.

Based on experiences from the BioZEG-project, BioZEG AS is established in order to focus on the commercial application of the ZEG-technology based on biomass. The company is looking into bioenergy based system concepts and business models, and has begun with the concept development of a new generation of biogas-hydrogen systems, and has made specific plans to continue with detailed modeling and techno-economic optimization of various system configurations.

For more information, contact BioZEG AS Executive Chairman Dr. Bjørg Andresen
(+47 977 787 86 – bjorg.andresen@zegpower.com).

ZEG Power represented at the 20th World Hydrogen Energy Conference

ZEG Power was recently represented at the 20th World Hydrogen Energy Conference, a biennial conference of the IAHE (International Association for Hydrogen Energy) arranged during June 15-20th, 2014, at Gwangju Metropolitan City, South Korea.

The conference is widely recognized as the world’s most well-known conference in the field of hydrogen energy and fuel cells, and hosts more than 10 000 attendees from more than 60 countries. The conference provides participants, exhibitors, and sponsors numerous opportunities to share and exchange scientific information with global leaders in the business, government, and scientific communities. The exhibition features a variety of hydrogen energy and fuel cell applications from companies and research institutions.

An article about Hynor Lillestrøm and the BioZEG concept was presented at the conference.

The BioZEG-project

The BioZEG plant was officially opened March 6th, 2014.

In the plant a 20kW SOFC is thermally integrated with the regenerator of a 30kW sorption – enhanced steam methane reforming (SESMR) system. The basic idea is to demonstrate cost-effective stand-alone green production of hydrogen and electricity from upgraded landfill gas. The project is supported by Innovation Norway’s Environmental Technology scheme and Statoil. Testing of the system will start early in 2014.