CCB and ZEG receives a NOK 77m grant from Enova to establish pilot plant for clean hydrogen production

At CCB Energy park on the west coast of Norway, Coast Center Base (CCB) is to establish a plant for production of clean hydrogen from gas, with integrated CO2 capture, using the ZEG technology. Today, CCB and ZEG Power have announced that the project receives a 77mNOK grant from Enova.

CCB has entered into a partnership with ZEG Power, a Norwegian company that has developed technology and solutions for clean hydrogen production from gas. The plan is now to establish a pilot plant at CCB Energy Park, next to the Northern Lights onshore CO2-terminal at Kollsnes. The longer-term target is large scale production, and this is the first step on the way.

“We are proud to be a strong contributor and facilitator driving the shift to new energy solutions. The combination of established activity and infrastructure, access to competence and resources, and the unique location provides significant possibilities for industrial development,” says Deputy Managing Director Ronny Haufe in CCB.

The plan is to be fully operational in 2022.

“The ZEG technology represents a solution that contributes to clean and efficient utilization of abundant gas resources, in Norway and globally,” says CEO Kathrine K. Ryengen in ZEG Power. “To receive financial support from Enova is an important contributor to the success of the project, but equally important a sign of recognition and belief in the impact our technology can have to bringing clean energy to the world,” she continues.

Grant from Enova

Enova has granted the project 77mNOK in financial support.

«Cost-efficient production of hydrogen is a key enabler to reach a low-emission society, a society where hydrogen can play a vital role for both industrial and transport related applications. As such, it is very positive that CCB and ZEG Power together realise technology that can lead to both improved efficiency, lower cost, and reduced emissions”, says Managing Director Nils Kristian Nakstad in Enova.

For more information

Ronny Haufe, EVP CCB, +47 913 50 660

Kathrine K. Ryengen, CEO in ZEG Power +47 994 18 696

Nils Kristian Nakstad, CEO in Enova + 47 906 04 334