ZEG Power is at present in a very exciting phase; industrialization and commercialization of the ZEG concept; cost-efficient production of clean hydrogen from gas.

After extensive R&D efforts, including the realisation of a ZEG pilot plant built and commissioned at the IFE Hynor test center in Lillestrøm, Norway, we are now ready for upscaling and commercialisation of the technology in cooperation with customers and partners at CCB Energy Park, Kollsnes.

In this regard, we are looking for competent and motivated new people to join the ZEG team!

Currently, we are seeking highly motivated candidates for the following roles:

  • HSSE&Q Director
  • Contract Manager
  • Automation Technician
  • Senior Material Developer
  • Process Engineers

Interested? Contact marianne@gevirgroup.no for more information or view detailed job description at https://gevirgroup.recman.no/