The technology is a modular platform technology for different sizes and applications; both fossil and bio-based gas resources can be used. The technology can be integrated in industrial processes or be used in stand-alone energy plants of increasing size and complexity. ZEG plants can be delivered as

  • ZEG-H2 plants (stand-alone hydrogen production from gas with integrated CO2 capture),
  • ZEG-EL plants (electric power production from gas with integrated CO2 capture), or
  • ZEG-HYBRID plants (where the amount of electric power and hydrogen produced can be adapted to customer and market needs)

ZEG® is a module based platform technology suited for several applications.

In the short term the objective is to roll out small to medium scale ZEG® plants for flexible and distributed clean hydrogen production.

On a medium to long term the objective is to create customer value by integrating the ZEG® technology in industrial processes, or using it for stand-alone, large scale hydrogen and/or power production and sales.