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  • Business idea

    ZEG Power’s business idea is efficient and green production of electricity and/or hydrogen from hydrocarbon fuel by means of its patented ZEG® technology.

  • Mission

    ZEG Power’s mission is to create customer value through being a partner and supplier of the ZEG® technology for use in industrial processes and commercial energy plants of increasing size and complexity.

  • The ZEG® technology

    More energy and less emissions; Innovative production of electric power and/or hydrogen from hydrocarbon gases with integrated CO2 capture.

  • High total efficiency

    A technological “game changer” with a potential of more than 70% total efficiency including CO2 capture.

  • No greenhouse gases

    CO2 capture is an integrated part of the technology without additional charges.

  • Flexibility

    The technology is flexible, both fossil and bio-based gas resources can be used and the technology can be used for small-scale distributed energy production or to large industrial power plants. The amount of electric power and hydrogen produced can be adapted to market needs.

About the Technology

The ZEG-technology (ZEG®) is a hybrid technology for highly efficient production of electric power and/or hydrogen from hydrocarbon fuels, with integrated CO2-capture.

ZEG® provides the power concept with the highest energy efficiency from hydrocarbon fuels, above 70 % depending on the plant size and configuration. ZEG® is the only concept with the potential to produce electric power and hydrogen with integrated CO2-capture at lower cost than existing state-of-the-art technologies. In addition there are no harmful emissions from a ZEG Power plant, and the technology shows great flexibility: all types of hydrocarbon fuels can be used and the relative amount of electric power and hydrogen can be adjusted according to market demand.

ZEG® is a module based platform technology suited for several applications. On a short term the objective is to roll out small to medium scale ZEG® plants for flexible and distributed energy production. On a medium to long term the objective is to create customer value by integrating the ZEG® technology in industrial processes, or using it for stand-alone, large scale energy production and sales.